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3 Easy Steps

Paste LinkedIn post link, click "BOOST" and get LIKES!


Paste a link to the LinkedIn post

Click "..." on top right corner of the LInkedIn post you want to promote. Then click "Copy link to post" and paste it in our system.

How to get a link to LinkedIn post

Click "BOOST" button

That's it!
In a second you will see the result of your request processing in top right corner of our system. There also will be a link to check history of your requests and more detailed statuses.

How to boost LinkedIn post with likes

Get reactions & reposts!

We start delivery within minutes and requested number of likes/reactions, reposts, comments (as per conditions of your subscription plan) to be delivered during an hour after you clicked the "BOOST" button.

Get LinkedIn reactions, comments and reposts
and get 100 likes for free!

Subscription plans

Billed on monthly basis. No credit card on registration.

What's Under The Hood

Best features of Growth.Cool and included in all the plans

Instant Start

Register with e-mail and get likes immediately - no need to wait for admin approval.

No Account Linking

Keep your LinkedIn profile safe - we don't ask for cookies or another way to access your profile.

Guaranteed Delivery

Get number of likes, comments and reposts always delivered no matter what.

No return activity needed

You get likes you paid for and no need to like other people's posts for that.

No posts limit

Boost as many posts as you want during a single day - no delays needed.

Low Price

At 0.05$ per reaction you may get 100 likes for just $5.

Easy Management

Save hours weekly with one-click post boosting or make it 100% automated with Zapier, Buffer & integrations. API access in all plans.

Great Audience

US only entrepreneurs, marketers, recruiters will like, comment and repost your content.

Growth.Cool Integrations

Fully automated content marketing at LinkedIn. Infinite posts on schedule boosted instantly - with Buffer, and Zapier integrations.

  • Schedule automatic posts with the help of Buffer free account.

  • Keep the Buffer queue always full with $12/month service

  • Trigger Growth.Cool boosts over Zapier Webhooks.

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Applif App Landing Page
Growth.Cool Zapier integration
Growth.Cool Buffer integration
Growth.Cool Zapier integration
Growth.Cool integration
Growth.Cool Buffer integration
Growth.Cool integration
Growth.Cool Zapier integration
Great audience

US only LinkedIn users with 1000s of connections will like, comment and repost your content:

  • entrepreneurs
  • marketers
  • recruiters
  • founders
  • partners
  • directors
  • managers
  • business owners
  • IT professionals
Low cost - $0.05 per like

Every plan has 20 boosts which you may use at once to get:

  • 500 likes for $25
  • 1000 likes for $49
  • 7000 likes for $89
  • $0.05 per like
  • $0.25 per comment
  • $0.20 per repost w 30+ likes
  • 50/100+ likes eventually
  • few boosts per week
  • frequent daily boosts
Speed & Management

Save hours weekly with one-click boosting & 100% automation:

  • 1-click to get likes
  • 1 hr delivery
  • Zapier integrations
  • no account linking
  • no installation
  • just paste the link!
  • infinite posts queue
  • auto posting
  • auto boosting