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Frequently Asked Questions...

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What is Growth.Cool all about?

Growth.Cool allows you to get comments and likes from others LinkedIn members on your LinkedIn posts, in order to increase the reach of your content. It is a fully featured marketplace where you may both exchange activities for FREE as well as 1-click hire multiple influencers to perform PAID activities such as reposts or posts, following your brand requirements.

Can I use Growth.Cool for free?

Yes, you can - on our Free plan you can get likes, and comments, and reposts free of charge. See our pricing plans. Our subscribers benefit from better audience matching when using free engagement exchange. And PAID activities like posts and reposts 1-click hires of multiple influencers are available only at PLUS plan.

Why is the reach of my LinkedIn posts important?

LinkedIn is an exceptional lead acquisition channel. Growth.Cool multiplies the reach of your posts by around 10, sometimes even higher. This allows you to make yourself visible to thousands of people, share your expertise with a wider audience and get an immediate return on investment.

I've got a suggestion, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via the chat at the bottom-right hand side of this page or by emailing