Why LinkedIn should form the basis for your account based marketing strategy


Marketing has changed quite extensively over the past few decades, with much of this leading to a variety of sub-niches in the field, not to mention various social media platforms to take advantage of. One emerging trend in recent years has been Account Based Marketing (ABM), which has proven to be effective in certain areas, such as LinkedIn.

This has led to many digital marketing professionals wondering how it can be used to develop their brand, as well as a few other questions.


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Perhaps some of the most notable of these questions have been what is Account Based Marketing and why LinkedIn is best place to do it. While these may seem like they’re simple questions, they require a somewhat detailed answer.



What Is Account Based Marketing?

ABM is a refined marketing strategy that seeks to provide a more personalized approach to generating a sales funnel. The approach flips the traditional advertising model, which typically starts by attracting people – or accounts – to a website and slowly whittling down these numbers until a company finds the customers that they’re looking for.

In contrast, ABM defines its key customers before tailoring a strategy for those particular accounts, which can then lead to more long-lasting opportunities.


Why Is LinkedIn The Best Place To Do It?

Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a few distinct benefits, with the most notable of these being that it offers a more targeted approach to marketing. This is provided through the various tools that are unique to the platform, which allows digital marketing specialists to limit their strategy to professionals who will engage with their content.

With this approach, we’ve seen a much more refined approach to brand awareness and content engagement, as it removes what could be deemed the ‘wasteful’ areas of a campaign. This is something that feeds directly into ABM, as the practice requires as strategic an approach as possible.


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