How many hours you need to spend on LinkedIn to get deals signed?


Whatever your business is, few sales may mean dozens of calls, hundreds of forms filled on the site, thousands of site visits and an immeasurable amount of your ads views. That is called sales funnel. Here is how it is applied to your activities on LinkedIn.

In this post we go over activities you may perform on LinkedIn and estimate them in the form of working hours.
So everything starts with filling the top of the funnel and setting up proper tracking tools to measure conversions at each step.


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Filling the top of the funnel is the most important task. When not enough people knows about you – zeros at the bottom of the funnel (deals signed level) stay unchanged. And zeros on higher level (calls booked) may stay there for long too.



Views is the top of the funnel metric for LinkedIn

That may be post views or video views.

Views are converted to link clicks (if you have a link in the post). Not all clicks end up on your site or stay there long enough.

Views may also be converted to some kind of engagement with your audience: reactions (likes), comments, profile visits or direct messages where you may book calls right away omitting other stages of the funnel.

Anyway, the key to getting bigger numbers on the next level of your funnel (site visits) is bigger number of initial post views.


Number of connections is the basis for good numbers of views

43% of LinkedIn users have below 500 connections. This is too small number for any kind of traction you may expect.

LinkedIn is limiting you by 30.000 connections and 100 daily connection requests. Not all connection request are confirmed. We count for 50% (which is actually pretty high) conversion rate from requests to actual connections in your account.

So to get 30.000 connections you need to be sending 100 connection requests everyday for 600 days. 2 years. Even if you automate sending actual connection requests keep in mind that you need to select 100 people every day to connect with. Safe estimate here is 30 minutes for these 600 days.

Which takes us to 300 hrs of work to build decent network of 30.000 connections on LinkedIn.

Or just 50 hrs and 3 month to get to 5.000 network.


It is time to prepare the content

It takes about 3 hrs to write 1000 words post.

Better post takes more time and you need to publish every day to have a consistent result.

52 weeks and 5 posts per week makes 260 posts per year or 780 hrs.
Tue, Wed, Thur are best days so you may cut that number to 156 posts or 468 hrs.

You may think that it’s possible to write faster but I bet you can’t get below 1hr per post. To write, find pictures, format, publish on site and LinkedIn.

A lot of everyday work.

Solution for this is outsourcing to professional content writers for about $0.04 per word or about $50 per piece of text like the one you are reading now. Still some time needed to prepare a list of topics you want to cover.


How to get more views?

Usual post gets exposed to 10% of your connections at most. Which means with 30.000 connections you may count for 3.000 views for every post you make.

If your network is 5.000 connections you may expect for 500 views only.

Better engagement of your audience with the content you post triggers LinkedIn algorithm in the way so your post gets promoted to the wider audience. Not only your connections but the connections of those who liked or commented under your post.

With 50 likes you may get ten times move views as usual because your post gets exposed to 70%-80% of your followers within 24 hrs.

To get likes people usually send personal messages to their connections asking to like, comment or repost.

You may also tag few people in every post you make.

Third thing is to go out and react (like, comment) posts of other people. To make it work you need to do so with hundreds of other people posts daily. Which means not only comment but find what to comment.

Add 3 hrs daily if you want to go this manual promotion way.

It works, it takes huge time to make and, honestly, nobody likes that.

Also there is no reason begging for likes or comments when our tool deliver that in no time.



So here are the final everyday numbers:

  • 30 minutes a day to grow the network
  • 2 hrs to prepare and publish some content
  • 3 hrs for manual promotion over personal messages and comments under other posts

All that takes you to 5-6 hrs of everyday work for 2 years to build 30.000 connections network, publish content and make sure 20.000 connections per day see what you posts at the end of year #2 of everyday hard work.

3 month of the same work leads you to 5000 connections and 3000 views every day.

Does this guarantees any deals?



How to work with LinkedIn effectively?

Luckily, there is a way to achieve even better results than what you may count for after 2 years of everyday work.

You still need to prepare content, but network is on us.

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