How To Get 10X More Connections On LinkedIn?


We all want and use LinkedIn for your business growth.

But where it starts?

I mean sales on LinkedIn…

To simplify, we can think of basic triumvirate:




With none of these pieces, we just out of the successful business game on LinkedIn.

No way you can be successful on LinkedIn with none of them.

As the name of the post suggests, we will talk about CONNECTIONS. How to get more of them w/o killing ourselves or our time or our bank account or whatever it takes to get more connections to grow our business!

REMEMBER. For the moment being, we are looking for connections only, not a number of followers.


Because we in a business game here on LinkedIn.

When we post regularly and engage with our community, we make our connections our leads, and our leads – our customers




Followers are just a one-way relationship.

We want “friends” on LinkedIn. Connections. We want to talk to them to have a dialogue.

Here, we better understand and engage with them (our connections) that will lead us to highly qualified leads and happy customers! Isn’t it outstanding?

Let’s start! Dive in.



Stage 0. Prerequisites and Planning

We need to start with our profile (prerequisites).

When it’s done correctly, it simplifies the entire process of connection. People like to be connected to professionals. I won’t elaborate further as this is not the main idea of the post.

But we MUST make sure that after first 3 sec looking at our profile, our prospect or LinkedIn user can quickly get the idea:

  • Who we are
  • What do we do
  • Why they should connect to us
  • How we or our product or service might help them


Next it planning.

Here, before we do anything, we should understand some rules – LinkedIn limits – that shape our activity on LinkedIn + some statistics.

So here they are:

  • 100 connection requests per week that come to around 20-25 a day (assuming we connect on business days only) – LinkedIn limit.
  • Connection request acceptance rate ranges from 45% to 70%, depending on whom and how we connect – Statistics.


And there are also three things to always consider:

  • LinkedIn wants us to send connections requests only to people we know. In case we don’t know the person, we should tailor our message to increase the odds of successful connection and/or start discussion with them beforehand, so at some point we won’t be strangers anymore – LinkedIn general rule
  • Gradually come to the level of 100 connection requests per week. LinkedIn is very cautious with newly created accounts and the ones that are not active enough – LinkedIn general rule (otherwise LinkedIn will limit our weekly connection request limit)
  • Clearing our pending connection requests weeklyProper message to LinkedIn that we are not spammers… (otherwise LinkedIn will limit our weekly connection request limit)


Knowing that we can roughly estimate the timing we need to grow for every stage on the way. I would present the details of the calculation under section for every stage. Please read further.)))


What We Should Do:

  • Optimize our LinkedIn profile
  • Gradually and consistently come to the level of 100 connection requests per week
  • Send tailored connection requests to the ones we don’t really know
  • Clear pending connection requests weekly


Stage 1. From 0 to 100

I think this is the easiest one of all stages, but maybe daunting.


Cause we are just starting out. We don’t know what to do first.

Here we should sit and think.

Write 3 lists, should take us about 15 min:

  • The list of our friends who must be on LinkedIn – FRIENDS
  • The one of our colleagues, current ones and former ones. The ones we know and they know us – COLLEAGUES
  • The one of our classmates and other university friends – CLASSMATES


No matter how old we are, whether we are shy or are truly a networker, the total amount of names would be from 70+)))

a) Remember the limits – 20-25 per day (LinkedIn limit of connection requests if send only on business days)?

Sure we do!

b) We know the people on the lists.

We know each other personally. Therefore, connection request acceptance rate here should be over 70%, even over 85%. To be on a safe side, let’s plan 70%.

c) We have to “warm up” our LinkedIn account (activity), so we should start slow. Not from 20 request per day, but:

  • 1st week (5 days) – 5 connections per day
  • 2nd week (5 days) – 10 connections per day
  • 3rd week (5 days) – 15 connections per day
  • Thereafter – 20 connections per day

We do it slowly.


We are not in a rush. We are here for business.

And business is a long game, not short! We are not hustlers! We are not hustlers!!!

So how many days will it take us to get to 100 with such logic?

I guess you know already know the answer.

21 days.

3 weeks

But this is just the start.

Here is the calculation:

(5 days * 5 requests + 5 days * 10 requests + 5 days * 15 requests) * 70% acceptance rate = 104 connections (~100!)

Yes, but how would you get from 70 people on the list to 100 connections?

Happy you asked)))

As soon as we start search our friends, classmates, colleagues on LinkedIn and send them connection requests on methodical and slow way, two things will start happening:

  • LinkedIn already in the search will start proposing to us other people we might know (some of them should have been on the list, but we forgot. The others will be “almost” our friends, for example, friend of a friend, the professor in funny glasses, the colleagues from accounting I saw two times during lunch etc.) => our close potential network of “friends” will be way above those 70 we wrote. Maybe 200 or maybe even 320. I don’t know, but you will see.
  • LinkedIn will start showing our profile to connections of your connections, recommending them to connect with us. And you know what? Some other people will start approaching us and sending the connection requests to us. Which doesn’t count towards our weekly limit + we still might haven’t thought of that people before.


What I want to say is that in 3-week time we should definitely get 100 connections.

And even though this stage 1 would be over, we still can get way more connections thanks to our friends, colleagues and classmates.

Honestly, I would assume at least 240 connections in 5 weeks in total.

Week 1. 17 connections = 5 days * 5 request * 70% acceptance rate

Week 2. 35 connections = 5 days * 10 request * 70% acceptance rate

Week 3. 52 connections = 5 days * 15 request * 70% acceptance rate

Week 4. 70 connections = 5 days * 20 request * 70% acceptance rate

Week 5. 70 connections = 5 days * 20 request * 70% acceptance rate

+ the ones (I didn’t calculate them here) who send requests themselves that don’t count towards the LinkedIn limit and we can eagerly connect with them two! Accept their invitations to connect!

By the way, you remember we were very safe with 70% acceptance rate?

It’s almost our friends, people we know, we normally should be around 85%.

If we get 85% acceptance rate with the same approach and the same overall timing of 5 weeks, we can get almost 300 real connections (to be precise 296!)

Hope you get the logic.


What We Should Do:

  • Create lists of friends, colleagues (incl. former ones), and classmates
  • Start slowly, but constantly (every business day w/o any breaks) to send connection requests to the ones in the list within our daily limits (5 -> 10 -> 15 -> 20 -> 20 -> …)
  • Check the invites to connect you got and also connect with them (these connections don’t go to our weekly limit of 100 connections requests)
  • Clean pending connection request every Friday. The ones we sent one week ago.


3 weeks and we get our first 100 connections. Congrats!

Well Done!


Stage 2. From 101 to 500

Right now we are on the 2nd stage.

We’ve got our first 100.

We’ve already warmed up our LinkedIn account to sending connections request.

So here on this stage, stage 2, we can influence:

  • The pipeline of people to connect by prioritizing whom to connect
  • The acceptance rate by targeting whom to connect and how to connect
  • The visibility of our profile that attracts connection invites from others


What we don’t influence is 100 connections requests per week we can send. We will still have 20 requests per day. But the game is just starting out))))

So let’s dive in into every step we can influence.



What is pipeline?

It is a kind of prioritized lists of people we want to connect. Whom and how we will approach in near future.

But before we will go for them, especially find the sources and lists. We should first understand and decide whom overall we need as connections. Believe it’s important.

Not that important on stage 1 (from 0 to 100), because we just started. But here, we already need to think strategically.

We can have different perspectives and objectives, but knowing who we are after will save us a ton of resources and get us a lot of customers in near future.

Honestly, it’s YOUR call. You should decide!

I will just describe how potentially to form this pipeline and where to look.

  • First, it’s LinkedIn groups. The ones where people already share same interests, profession or industry. It’s really a great way to start. LinkedIn search will be of a help here.


  • Second, it is influencers in your vertical or professionals whom we might benefit and/or learn from. Or it also can be particular people we want to connect (we have our reasons for that, don’t we?). LinkedIn search will be useful here too.


  • Third, it’s LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers). LIONs are the ones who accept any connection requests they’ve got. We can imagine the quality of their connections (not the one we’ve dreamed of), but the acceptance rate will be 100%))). So why do I mention them even here? The question is simple, we can choose based on vertical and profile the LIONs we need that can serve us all the issues:
    • the pipeline (which LIONs worth connecting),
    • the acceptance rate (will go up, 100% from LIONs)
    • and our visibility (after connecting to them, our activity and profile will be potentially shown to way bigger audience, audience of these LIONs).

So where to find them? Search for keyword LION in LinkedIn search + add needed industry or niche.


  • Fourth, “People You May Know”. When LinkedIn automatically suggests connections based on employment, education, industry, and we can imagine. It’s so valuable automated source of potential connections, we should definitely use it.


  • Last, but not least. We must check the other section on LinkedIn – “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. Here we will find the LinkedIn users who viewed our profile (as the name suggests)))). And among them, potentially the ones who are worth connecting!

After we know where potentially we can look for the interesting future connections, we may go further and think about connection request acceptance rate and how to increase it.



We recall LinkedIn wants us to connect to the ones we know. It always checks what is our overall connection request acceptance rate and how many pending connection requests do we have. It knows everything.

We do also have a limit of 20 connections per day, so it’s our duty to be careful and do everything possible to have the highest possible acceptance rate.

With these regards we have several tools/options. Each of them can be used either by its own or in combinations.

Here they are:

  • Commenting, taking part in discussion. Can be used in groups or when attracting influencer, for example.
  • Personalized tailored message to connect (not just standard connection request). Can be used for professionals, influencers, “People You May Know”.
  • Standard connection request. Can connect with LIONs or, for example, “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” at least 2-3 times.

With such an approach, we can count on at least 60% acceptance rate.

However, if you really want to be on a safe side – go with 50% in your calculation.



This is very, very interesting and useful part of our connection equation.

It’s so powerful…

10X powerful in right hands!

The more people (particularly the ones who fit our audience) see our profile and our activity on LinkedIn, the more connection invites we get. These invitations come on top to our weekly limit of 100 connection request))))) It’s fantastic!

So what can we do to be visible and get more and more connection invites?

Please pay attention it is invites, not requests.

  • Add LinkedIn profile (URL)* to our business touch points:
    • To Our Business Card
    • To Our Email (signature)
    • To Our Website (about, footer, contacts)
    • To Our Business materials, we create/distribute (presentations, booklets, price lists, etc.)
    • Etc.


  • Promote LinkedIn profile (URL)* on other social platforms. For example,:
    • Facebook
    • Tweeter
    • YouTube


  • Engage with other people’s content, especially 2nd and 3rd level of connections. By engage I mean commenting (not liking, however it also might work, but on a different level), and we must comment something valuable either to the community or to the author. We should avoid general comments like “outstanding”, “great post”.

So what? Such comments bring nothing to the table. We can do better than that. Idea is to add value, and when LinkedIn will show our activity to the author and community, they would be interested in starting discussions and/or check our profile and potentially send a connection invite. DONE!


  • BONUS! Start posting content on LinkedIn – 1-2 times a week. Ideally, the relevant content to our target audience, the one we want to do business with and be connected on LinkedIn, our ideal customer profiles, sort of. Why bonus? Cause we should take this point seriously on our next stage, right now we should just start practicing))))


*we must be sure that our LinkedIn URL is custom. Just our name. No numbers and other strange strings of who knows what. Please take care of that!


So we’ve figured out how we can “play” with the pipeline, acceptance rate and the visibility.

Let’s do some math.

The pipeline. I am sure we have the prioritized list according to our understanding of target audience and strategy on LinkedIn – DONE!

The acceptance rate. If everything is done correctly, it will be over 60%. DONE!

The visibility. Mmm, interesting. It helps with acceptance rate + it gives connection invites. Let’s estimate for the time being that it should give us on top 20% to our base of connections on that stage (Believe me, I am very conservative with these numbers. In reality, they are way higher!) – DONE!

Connection request limit – unchanged, 100 per week.

So how much time will it take us to reach 500 connections?

Your guess?))))

Yes, you are right, just another 6 weeks.

Week 4. 72 connections = (5 days * 20 requests * 60% acceptance rate) * (1 + 20% connection invites) – stage 2

Week 9. 72 connections = (5 days * 20 requests * 60% acceptance rate) * (1 + 20% connection invites) – stage 2

Total = (17 + 35 + 52) + 72*6 = 536!

9 weeks and we SURELY get 500 connections.

Less than 2.5 months passed and we are very promising LinkedIn user.

Better than 54% of all LinkedIn users! Well Done!

You must think, ok, but what is the point?

You’ve promised to show how to get 10X connections…

For the moment, this post is more of a math class than on LinkedIn outreach.

Disagree! Fully!

The whole magic happens on stage 3, when we really need to grow…

We need to grow, let’s say, to 3000+ connections.

Or do you want to have more?

Let’s talk about it in the next section.


What We Should Do:

  • Strategically decide what profiles (connections) we are after on LinkedIn and why
  • Form a pipeline of those to connect with (LinkedIn groups, Influencers, Professionals in our vertical, LIONs, “People You May Know”, “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” etc.)
  • Choose and prepare the ways to increase the connection request acceptance rate, depending on whom we are going to approach (Commenting, taking part in discussion; Personalized tailored message to connect; Standard connection request)
  • Take care of our VISIBILITY to attract connection invites (Add LinkedIn profile (URL) to our business touch points; Promote LinkedIn profile (URL)* on other social platforms; Engage with other people’s content; Start POSTING)
  • Plan our week when and what we should do every single day!
  • Constantly send connection requests to the ones we’ve put in our plan. 20 connection requests daily, only business days.
  • Check the invites to connect you got and also connect with them
  • Clean pending connection request every Friday. The ones we sent one week ago.


Stage 2 is over, after 9 weeks we are ready to come to the real connection growth hacking)))


Stage 3. 500+ and far beyond

Magic stage.

Everything happens here!

After stage 1 and stage 2, we are well-equipped to sell courses on how to grow your connections on LinkedIn.


We’ve covered 97% of what people normally:

  • don’t know,
  • don’t do,
  • don’t do methodically!

Honestly, with all things I’ve mentioned above, we can grow further and further, no problem with that at all. We are all set!

We know

  • WHAT,
  • HOW,
  • and WHEN to do.

We even know how many connections we can get weekly.

Yep, around 70+ per week. I mean actual connections, not requests.

So with that rate, how many months or weeks do we need to come to let’s say 2 000 connections?

3 000 connections?

5 000 connections?

Yes, it would take us:

  • 2 000 connections – another 5 months (on top of 500 connections)
  • 3 000 connections – another 8-9 months (on top of 500 connections)
  • 5 000 connections – another 15-16 months (on top of 500 connections)

Wow! It’s a proper game. Long game.

Is there a shortcut?



Maybe, but I am not into it, any of it.

I know how we can double our weekly connection rate: from 70+ to 140 per week.

I even know how to triple it. 70 => 210

To quadruple it. 70 => 280

Yes, you get it.

I know how to get 10X more connections on LinkedIn!

You solved it.

Please pay attention that I come to the point of 10X growth ONLY on stage 3, not earlier.

On stage 1 and stage 2, we are simply not ready. The probability of our success in those stages tends to 0 (zero!).

If you read carefully enough the entire approach for every stage, you might have an answer on how to grow 10X your connections.

  • How to do it when you have LinkedIn weekly limit of 100 connections requests.
  • How to do it when you stuck with an acceptance rate that reduces the connections per week (it will never be 100% every time).

Yes, the very simple answer.


Idea is not to go after people and send them connection requests.


Got it?

You might ask: “How we can attract people we after? How to make them send the connection requests themselves?

Sound like a miracle, no?

Yes and No.

This level of growth requires some understanding, knowledge, and mastery.

BUT it’s achievable!

The simple answer to all questions is the following formula:



*where we can manage the right side of the equation (profile, posts, engagement!).


Some explanation of the formula:

  • When we have optimized profile for our target audience

(they see it, understand what we do and certain % would like to connect)

  • When we have regular valuable posts (content) for our target audience

(they read it, find answers to their pain and problems, they engage with it and certain % would like to connect and/or even buy)

  • When our content gets initial engagement boost

(people like our content, comment and even share within from 1 to 3 hours after our content goes live)

  • Here we get VISIBILITY: LinkedIn shows our content to a bigger, much bigger audience than our connections. And with this visibility our profile and our content (posts) benefit us.
    We attract more people => people engage => people connect.


I bet you think: “Nice story, but 10x more connections? Math doesn’t end up.”

Everything works just fine.

Let’s assume we want to be a big fish on LinkedIn, 5 000+ connections.

Yes, you got me right – 5 000+ connections.

It’s top 2% of LinkedIn, if not TOP 1%.

I am sure you are a serious entrepreneur!

With the optimized profile and regular valuable posts and initial engagement boost (to get engagement and send correct signals to LinkedIn algorithm that my content worth distributing), we can get 100k views on our LinkedIn post.

How many people of these 100k would be ready to send connection requests?






We don’t know until we get it.

But we can roughly estimate.

Please follow my logic.


From those around 40% will read.

From those who read around 20% will engage.

From those who engage around 10% will send connection request.

Sounds fair so far?

Let’s do the math.

100k views * 40% who read * 20% who engage * 10 who connect = 100k views * 0.08% = 800 connection invites.

All we would need to do is to ACCEPT those invites and we have 100% connections!

So in a week, we can have around 870 connections (70 + 800), which is 12.4 times higher than 70 connections per week (870 / 70 = 12.43).

Yes, I know, I know.

Those 800 on top invites won’t be every week, plus overall the 100k views for the post can take more than a week to get and so on.

In reality, it can take up to 1 or 2 month to get such views, but still our connection rate per month would be 1 000 (70 * 4 + 800) connections, not 280.

Less than half a year and we can be in top 1% of LinkedIn in terms of connections. It’s real!

You might think: “Ok, optimized profile and valuable posts I got it. How can I get that initial engagement boost? How my content can get viral on LinkedIn?

Yes, you are right. This is especially harder, when we don’t normally engage with other people’s content. How others can be motivated to do a favor for us?

We know that it’s LinkedIn algorithm that decided which content should go viral, based on other people’s likes, comments, re-posts, etc.

And to help LinkedIn with that (to decide in our favor) we can with so called engagement pods.

In case you don’t know what is an engagement pod.

It’s a private group that engages with each other’s content to trick the algorithm of social network platform. The target here is to get high initial engagement rate so that the needed content goes viral. Especially that engagement is crucial for the first hour of content is live.

All the engagement interactions with content can be done manually or automated. And we can find lots of information about these groups and how they work.

But here today I want to share with you the way it should be done.



This is an alternative to engagement pods.

Yes, you get the initial engagement boost w/o using a pod.

Yes, engagement pods can be complicated and very much time consuming.

So the alternative is Growth.Cool platform.

You just need around 20 sec to do in Growth.Cool.

Yep, 20 sec to do everything to get initial engagement boost.

Not 2 hours, not 20 minutes, not 2 minutes.

But 20 sec.

There are JUST 3 simple steps on Growth.Cool platform:

Step 1. Copy/paste your LinkedIn post URL

Step 2. Define/Select comments to be used for your post

Step 3. Press the button “Growth.Cool Boost”

As simple as that.

And what do we, Growth.Cool team, do after step 3?

We will take care of your initial engagement boost! We will make sure that our supportive LinkedIn community will like, comment and even repost your content. This is what LinkedIn algorithm is waiting to see. And we will deliver!

PLUS engagement with your content will be delivered within golden hours.

So with Growth.Cool you can really spend time on your business, on your customers. The initial engagement boost is on us!

Save your time, money and effort with Growth.Cool.

Grow 10X more than you currently do!*

*please don’t forget about optimized profile and truly valuable posts for your target audience


So, let’s recap.

10X more connections on LinkedIn are still reality.

It’s can and should be done when you have already 500+ connections. Not earlier than that.

10X more connections need the following pieces:


*where we can manage the right side of the equation (profile, posts, engagement!).


If with an optimized profile and valuable posts, you know how to do.

What to do with ENGAGEMENT? Where to get one?

The answer is simple – platform Growth.Cool.

20 sec and you get so needed initial engagement boost to help your content to go viral!

So stop browsing the internet, reading posts and dreaming.

Start doing!

Start planning and executing!

You are all set.

You have all the information needed.

And with the engagement part we always happy to help!

If you are still here.

You know what?

Just START YOUR FREE TRIAL with us. Nothing to lose, but to get more engagement on LinkedIn for free.

With a free trial you can test our system with 2 boosts (100 likes and 50 comments delivered within “golden hours”) and decide for yourself how easy and how effective you get more views, leads, customers with us.

So, please:

  • Press the button below
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and get 100 likes delivered when they are so needed!

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No matter what you choose and how you will grow your business and connections on LinkedIn, I wish you more leads and more time with your family.

Stay safe

Nick K.


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