How to gather extremely well targeted leads from LinkedIn – script to get profiles of all who liked specific post. Bonus: script to get all who commented too!


Your connections constantly publish great posts related to the business you make. A lot of your potential clients may react and comment under such posts. I mean hundreds or thousands of people. Here is how to get all their profiles in few minutes.

It is all simple few steps process without any need for coding skills – anyone may do this in 2 minutes.


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We start with opening some example post like this one with 657 likes and 452 comments.


Simple 3 steps process

1. Click on reactions number to open the list and scroll down to the bottom of it – until nothing new loads up any more. This is the most time consuming part of the whole process:


2. Open Developers Console by pressing Ctrl-j (in Chrome browser).

Copy paste the script there and click Enter.

//script to get all likers

$(‘a span[dir=”ltr”]’).each(function() {console.log($(this).text()+’ ‘+$(this).parent().parent().parent().attr(‘href’).split(‘?’)[0])})


Here are the results:



3. Results are separated by ; (semicolon) and you now may copy them to some text editor to delete those VM247:3 strings


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With the comments it is completely the same


Load all the comments under the post by repeatedly clicking “Load more comments” at the bottom.

And run next script:

//script to get all commenters

$(‘a span.hoverable-link-text’).each(function() {console.log($(this).text()+’’+$(this).parent().parent().parent().attr(‘href’))})


There is only problem – often you have the same people commenting who already liked the post. Also post authors quite often thank for the comment by commenting too. So you end up with a lot of duplicates to clean up. Sheets in Google Documents have a feature to delete duplicates so you may get rid of them in few clicks.

That’s it – you have a 650 potential clients list to connect with and start some short talk about the post they liked or commented!

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More information about how it works


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