Creating ideal customer persona on your LinkedIn in 3 easy steps


Using your LinkedIn can have many benefits to creating a unique customer list. There are several ways to make simple Ideal Customer Persona effectively. We’ve researched how some of the best have been able to do this and we’ve compiled those methods into three easy steps.

Hopefully these three steps will help you create the best customer persona on your LinkedIn. We’ve tried to make this process as simple as possible.


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1. Search Bios and Job Postings.

This is the easiest way to find criteria that will fit your ideal customer persona. Job postings list traits that the people who are applying for the job possess. They also show you some of these people’s functions specific to the job. Another way to find customer persona is by simply looking at bios.

At first glance, bios may seem like a pretty insignificant thing to search. Things like gender, marital status, general likes and dislikes, and others may seem unimportant. But these things, among others, will lead you to key traits that will help you find the best customer persona.



2. Awards, Endorsements, Recommendations and Education.

By looking at people’s awards, you can see what those people choose to be valuable career achievements and what other values they hold in high regards. Knowing these values can help you craft a custom message to that potential prospect. These traits can help you illustrate how your particular product may meet their needs in that area.

Education, both school and filed of study, may be one of the simples ways to cluster your audience effectively. Top universities have thousands graduates every year and they tend to be successful and important for your business as potential customers.


3. Create a “Relevant Connections” Survey.

For this to be effective, you’ll need to review your current connections and search by organization, name, geography, and other things (previous jobs and education for sure). Then compile a list of all these connections that have personal or professional relations to what you are searching for in customer criteria.

Once you have all these, send out a survey with questions related to these specific connections to reach out to these prospects. Just use TypeForm and WoodPecker tools to get everything delivered and easily filled by your connections!


Start with your existing customers profiles

Make a spreadsheet with all people you interacted on your pervious projects – fill it with data from their LinkedIn profiles. You definitely going to see common things as a result.

Apply those 3 simple steps we have outlined above enriched with data from your previous clients and do multiple search/scans/refinements to make sure LinkedIn deliver appropriate results on scale. Then you may limite your searches by region, school, level of connections etc.


Very important

Do not limit yourself with one or few Ideal Customer Persona descriptions – successful business have dozens of them. You may safely aim yourself to have 50 different personas in couple of months – when, with some experience, you understand you customers better.

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