What helps to grow engagement on LinkedIn? 3 easy steps.


Whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network, LinkedIn is great for this. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand (personal) awareness and boost traffic to your account or company page.

Although it has always been known as “the” professional social networking site, LinkedIn has recently experienced an uptick in engagement.


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This hints to the fact that there is a lot of opportunity for just about any user, as long as they develop an effective strategy of engagement growth.

Here are 3 key steps to raise engagement with your LinkedIn content and attract followers to your company (or private) page.



#1 Share content that matters

While it’s great to work on things like your summary and profile, we do think one of the most critical elements is content you share.

Before you start freaking out about how much content you need to start producing, remember you can use your existing articles and blog posts.

To make your content stand out, try the following:

  • use eye-catching visual images,
  • share content that offers real value to businesses in your industry,
  • engage with people who comment on your posts.

As you create content to share on LinkedIn, keep your goals and branding at the top of your mind. Share and create content that’s relevant to your objectives and to your audience. Be helpful to your LinkedIn community. Think leadership, productivity, and support.

And do not forget the call to action in any of your posts. Ask to:

  • comment
  • react
  • tag other people who may be interested in the post or keeping discussion in comments
  • visit your link
  • reshare


#2 Post timing

You have prepared an excellent article, now you need to decide when to post it. A well-timed post can lead to more likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs.

The best way to determine your brand’s ideal post time on LinkedIn is by testing and uncovering the exact time and days your content generates the most engagement.

On average, the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 3 PM and 5 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) on Wednesdays. Other high engagement times on the platform are between 8 AM and 10 AM CDT on Tuesdays, 10 AM and 12 PM CDT on Wednesdays, and 1 PM and 3 PM CDT on Thursdays.

On the flip side, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are usually the days with the lowest engagement.

Luckily we have a tool which helps to boost your every post and get it viewed 5-10x times more in single click.


#3 Boosting your content to reach wider network

You spent four hours writing that LinkedIn article, and you were convinced that your network would love it. So, you hit the publish button and waited …

And waited …

And waited some more …

Unfortunately, that’s the all-too-common story of everybody who tries to grow their personal brand on LinkedIn. You pour so much effort into a piece of content — and nobody sees it.

But we know the solution. Try our system right away for free and see how your engagement raises 5-10x more times.

You will see the difference immediately. It’s amazing when you have the power of our 220.000 connections network, rather than just yours followers only.

The reason for this is that growth happens when your content reaches into your second and third degree network. This gives people outside your immediate network the opportunity to see your updates and connect with you.

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