Recommend Growth.Cool and Earn Money


Recommend Growth.Cool and start earning!

We launched our affiliate program and here is what you get when working with us:

Instant LinkedIn likes and comments engagement boost

  • 20% recurring commission

    Get 20% from each subscription payments lifetime.

  • 50% 1st month discount

    Incentivise referrals with 50% 1st month discount.

  • 60 days cookie life

    Long cookie life provide plenty of time for you to make sure your referrals convert.

  • Professional dashboard

    Instant performance tracking through professional affiliates dashboard.

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How important is it to have LinkedIn posts boosted with likes

You did the research. You did the outline. You sourced great images reflecting the main points. You poured yourself into meticulously crafting your message- OK, you get the picture: You created an article on LinkedIn only to see minuscule engagement, if any. We’ve all been there, but we all don’t have to stay there.

How To Increase Engagement On LinkedIn: One Simple Trick You Should Try ASAP

Do your posts gather hundreds of likes and comments or are you wondering if you’ve mistakenly blocked all of your followers from seeing your posts? With this simple trick, you will no longer puzzle over how to increase engagement on LinkedIn. You just need to take this one easy step: Step #1: “Please, read this post and comment with the part of the article you liked the most.”

What helps to grow engagement on LinkedIn? 3 easy steps.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network, LinkedIn is great for this. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand (personal) awareness and boost traffic to your account or company page.

Step by step guide on how to use our system

Our system provides uniq possibility to instantly promote your content over our 180.000 connections LinkedIn network. Please, follow this step by step recommendations to achieve best results

How to automate boosting with likes for all your buffer queue posts

Buffer is great tool to automate posting to LinkedIn on schedule. With Zapier we connect Buffer to Growth.Cool to boost every published post with likes - right after posting, on autopilot.