Step by step guide on how to use our system


Our system provides uniq possibility to instantly promote your content over our 180.000 connections LinkedIn network.

Please, follow this step by step recommendations to achieve best results

1. Register to get 2 free posts to promote.

No payment information required.
Just usual instant registration with e-mail and password.

2. Sign in to get redirected to main Dashboard

SING IN and use 2 posts you able to promote for free.
Here is how the Dashboard looks like after you sign in.

3. Publish the post on LinkedIn you want to promote

It is important to publish right before you want to use our system.
Best results are achieved if our system used within 30 minutes after the post is published.

Types of posts we may promote:
– usual post (not article; to promote the article – share it as a post)
– post with video
– post with PDF document

Now you need LinkedIn post URL to boost it. Here is how to get it:

Understand how our system works

– after submitting the post URL to our system we parse out external link + hashtags
– we deliver 50+ likes to initial post
– 15+ different linkedin profiles from out network create new posts (text are taken from “Intros for posts” + link + hastags)
– we deliver 30+ likes to each one of such new posts

To achieve best results

– provide good text intros – if leave this input empty all posts going to include only link + hastags
– in “Account”->”History” you may check resulting posts.
– use one of free posts, explore the results and wait 24hrs to reach most of connections.
– improve wording & intros and post next day again!

4. Example intros to the post

As there will be 15+ profiles sharign your content, please, provide 10+ different text intros.
Intros must be separated by ; symbol (semicolumn)
Check this example on how everythign must be done

5. Click “Send Likes” & Enjoy!

Everything to be delivered within 3 minutes.
Check “History” (in Account menu on top right corner) to see the exact results.

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