Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn Views

On other social networking sites, profile views are considered as a vanity metric to boost the ego. But on a place like LinkedIn, where it’s mainly used by professionals and recruiters, having more profile views is a sign of business potential. Since your profile view count plays an intricate role in LinkedIn’s algorithm, a lot of people wonder if they can buy LinkedIn profile views to boost content and widen their reach. If you’re new to this strategy, here are answers to some common questions about LinkedIn views.

Can I buy LinkedIn profile views at Growth.Cool?

No, there is no way to buy LinkedIn views at Growth.Cool. However, you can still increase it using other methods that can naturally trigger the Algorithm of LinkedIn into showing your profile on people’s feeds. Growth.Cool understands that if no one can see your profile or content, you will never be able to go up in the ranks and reach the right audience. That’s why they’re offering a better alternative.

How can I see who viewed my LinkedIn profile?

If you want to check who’s been visiting your page, all you have to do is click on ‘Who’s viewed your profile’. This handy feature is accessible on your home page, below your profile photo. Keep in mind that LinkedIn will only show a list of the last five people who visited your profile if you’re under their free membership program. Even if you use those sketchy sites to buy views, LinkedIn won’t even show you who visited your profile. There’s no way to check if you reached your target audience unless you have a premium account to access the list of all your LinkedIn stalkers for the past 90 days.

How does Growth.Cool increase LinkedIn views?

Instead of a way to buy views for LinkedIn to boost your account, you can buy likes and comments. By following this marketing strategy, you can have the head start that you need to impress and attract more people. When your content receives more likes and comments, LinkedIn will see it as an indication that others are interested in getting more information about you or your business. LinkedIn’s algorithm will then start showing your profile to other users who they think will be interested in you. By purchasing likes and comments, you can get 10x views.

Is it safe to buy views for LinkedIn on other marketing software?

It all depends on where you will get this LinkedIn marketing software. You will have to be careful since LinkedIn has strict usage limits to keep spammers away, and some of these services are fraudulent and use bot traffic. If you plan to buy LinkedIn views from a website that uses real accounts and offers services within LinkedIn’s Terms of Service, then you can avoid LinkedIn Jail. Make sure this software gets no access to your LinkedIn account – don’t provide your LinkedIn cookies or password to 3rd party software. When you install a browser extension it will get access to your LinkedIn account automatically and that is very dangerous. Before subscribing to any automation helper tools, be sure to check information and reviews about their services. However, you won’t be able to check and audit their services when you buy LinkedIn views with a free LinkedIn account. Purchasing likes and comments is a better and safer alternative than buying profile views for LinkedIn.